Sunday, February 16, 2020

Film Opening - Blog #1 - Genre Research

Adventure/Drama films have demonstrated themes that have proven to be some of the most innovative and entertaining content in the last fifty years of cinema. Hysterically written characters, turbulent journeys, and epic lessons are the fundamental concepts behind some of the most creative stories in media. Down to the raw details, we see the conflict between characters who have a soul or mission of their dearest importance, and it offers a thriller full of mystery and opportunity. Adventure/Dramas can arc into different categories of styles, covering a broad spectrum of themes or engaging enjoyed qualities (or trends) specific to a targeted demographic. Today I'll discuss three prime examples, each touching at characteristics unique to each other film given: The Dark Knight, The Lion King, and Jurassic Park. 

1) The Dark Knight (2008)
(Photo: "The Dark Knight", Warner Bros. Pictures)
This is Christopher Nolan's second film of his Batman-themed trilogy, including "Batman Begins" (2005) as the first and "The Dark Knight Rises" (2012) as the finale. 

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Bruce Wayne, after escaping the wrath of Ra's al Ghul, learns of the new villain Joker terrorizing Gotham into torture and raw fear. The film follows a triangle relationship of events between Bruce, Harvey Dent (soon to be known as Two-Face), and Joker as their choices unfold into a crime style adventure drama. Each primary character in the film such as the ones mentioned in addition to Gordon, Alfred, Rachel, and Lucius Fox follow a major change in their life from the clash of terror. The line between the good and bad guys blurs and painfully twists as the drama blossoms, with Gotham as the victim to a new era of hell. A classic idea of cops and robbers to a whole new depth about the flaw in humans at its most effective manipulation in nature.

2) The Lion King (1994)
(Photo: "The Lion King", Disney Enterprises, Inc)
Matthew Broderick, Sally Dworsky, Robert Guillaume, Moira Kelly, and Joseph Williams in The Lion King (1994)This masterpiece of animated artwork marks a question, "Are there any good children's animated films?" at rest. It was the symptom of Disney's renaissance era, starting with "The Little Mermaid" (1989) It brought a new charm to the magic behind what could be expressed through the writing of talented storytellers and what made film special through the composition of animation. 

"The Lion King" continued this legacy only 5 years later when it told the story of a young lion tricked by his uncle King on who was responsible for his father's fallout, soon to learn of his true history and past as an adult on a search for answers after his exile. 

3) Jurassic Park (1993)
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(Photo: "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom", Universal Studios)
A dazzling disastrous mixture of mad science and cooperate greed bring us the mutation of ideas into one monstrous chaos of an adventure as some kids fight through the jungles on the search to destroy Jurassic Parks cloned beasts.

This film is the pinnacle of practical effects at its finest craftsmanship and the optimized balance of techniques to bring the audience through an understandable expedition in a situation no man has seen before. It brought a contemporary look at the theme of dinosaurs tied with the theatrics of paradoxical mishaps between characters who search for answers. The charm in realistic effects and relatable characters brought the audience through an amazing adventure that looked beautiful on the 90s big screens.

Tomorrow I continue my search for what makes adventure dramas the masterpieces they are - Analysis of the plot synopsis's I'll see are at the utmost value in my research. Monday afternoon will bring three more tributes to the table.

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