Friday, February 21, 2020

Film Opening - Blog #3 - Concept Work

       This whole week has been a shower of rigorous brainstorming and the blossoming of new ideas to smash together into something marvelous! We awed at the drive of characters' changes throughout a canvas of experiences and challenges in life. The incredible stories of characters defeating Nazis, overcoming disease, learning lessons to be a better human, proves that the idea of an adventurous drama styled film has so much potential from the simplest of sets. There is no need to introduce spastic sci-fi sets for a complex saga of a universe. The adventure-drama is a stunning moment for a complete and wholesome story that many can connect within a moving experience. The best films of all time contribute an astounding lesson to be learned and understood from the story, and that is what I truly credit in what makes film-making so extraordinary; Its ability to touch at someone's soul or heart through the artistic application of colors and sound. The potential for masterpieces is unlimited, as they can make us saturated with vile hatred, crush ourselves in sorrow, or drive us to a radical burst of proud energy and excitement in a thrill.

       Our origin concept develops the exposition premise of a young adult lad whose father had died in a shoot out dispute. The timeline is the 1990s, and his father had been a part of a local street gang of more finished men who each have their hustle in the neighborhood. Now an orphane, a lonesome young man, the main character is adopted legally and socially into the pack of folks, taken under the wings of some special and unique individuals.

        It begins with a casual Friday night gathering, one withered garage stuffed with the stench of salsa, cigarettes, and classical hair products. The musky aroma of age and leather sets its place amongst the walls. The main character is placed at one end around a poker table, handling cards and their conversation follows for what to do as a father-less man. A new chapter in his book of Life emerges as his goal now is to see who slaughtered his father, and the hunt goes far deeper into who he understands himself as since birth. 

Photo credits:
"The Sting (1973)"

"That '70s Show (1998-2006)"

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