Monday, February 10, 2020

Music Blog Post - "Jay Moon" - Maroon 5 Parody

January 2020 was the big month where we finally developed our own parody based on pop band Maroon 5's song "She Will Be Loved" and produced our own marketing campaign. This included in depth research into the category of pop culture and other influential artists sharing the same genre.

Our genre in particular was modern electronic pop music.

Popular trends in this style (summary) include a teenage target audience, distribution across easy access platforms like Youtube, Spotify, and Instagram. There is a major implementation of interaction with the audience in live streams or thread communities. Most artists follow a marketing plan of a certain color theme throughout their products. Some notary examples include,

Billie Ellish

  • Black and Green
  • Collaborations with other artists - Khalid and Justin Bieber
  • Partnership with Spotify allowed an interactive area for 3 days in LA for fans to go into 14 rooms for  fans to understand her “mind” (her room, puppies...)
  • 24.8 million subscribers. 


  • Blue and Gray
  • Electronic style music.
  • Constant tours in home city Las Vegas - OMNIA Nightclub since 2017
  • “Clarity” Album debut in 2012 was a major boost in success for mainstream music and reached #8 on the HOT 100
  • 5.6 million subscribers.
The main focus behind developing the sense of character and personal connection back to the fictional artist Jay Moon included,
  • Color themes to have a visual appeal.
  • Representation of common hardships for the teenage demographic in American society.
  • Easily enjoyable and accessible content.
  • Methods to connect across Internet mediums like Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Red, Blue, and Purple all represented prime ideas all teenagers experience, such as heartbreak and newfound freedom.
  • Attractive model
  • Popular clothing and designer choices
  • Major connection to emotional experiences.
The music video implemented the majority of these core principles into one fun-backed and well-produced short film music video. Producing the final vision of what the video ended up being taught my crew and the difficulties of birthing a concept into an approachable and realistic goal. Balancing time, finances, and resources were the ultimate tug of war against our creative concepts for an influential video. Setting up the costumes, colored powder, film sets, lighting, camera equipment, framing, transportation, and editing all proved to be the utmost critical priority. Delivering the export to Youtube was the biggest celebration for a month's worth of passion and care for a work of true cinematic art. I am fortunate to have mastered my camera technology and was able to utilize my skill sets with Blackmagic Studios equipment to have the foundations in creating quality media. My previous experience with video production in cinema and television brought me to a better fundamental understanding of my boundaries in what I was capable of achieving and how far I could challenge myself. 

Marketing included a handful of campaign products created for the promotional night of our video, including CDs and clothes.

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