Saturday, March 7, 2020

Film Opening - Blog #11 - Chaos Unfolds

    With a mere 2 days of Florida action left, my main goal is to get some fire new clothes ready before the trip. I needed new clothes away, and American Eagle was a goldmine of new styles that were a compatible fit for my body. I can't say that often about many stores, and I was also able to grab some nice new camo-joggers. The blissful saga of my high school life shifts to a new era of modern styling, and you bet I love it!

    Currently, we are planning these things into our basic concepts and then continue from there.

  • Center our camera work in an arc fashion around the poker table.
  • Create a name of the "tournament" fraudulent scheme Nathan will devise. 
  • Opening will conclude a montage of others waiting outside the ring to join or participate in the game, maybe a list of competitors.
  • Invitation style hustle, similar to Fight Club.
  • Have the main team, including Nathan, consist of his main friend Rebeca and on other.
  • "World Poker Tournament"
  • "Beverly Hills S2E4" Poker Scene
    • Graphic match of poker chip from school montage scene into the poker scandal with Nathan running it all.
    • Have main order to scenes consist of the school first and then the poker scene as the conclusion.
  • Write in some conflicting or traumatic history behind the main character of Nathan. 
    Basic outline for ending half of short. 
  • Teen exits house, heads to friends saying goodbye to his mother. 
    • He'll be doing "homework"
  • Nighttime, walks to house with a backpack and hoodie.
  • Slips into garage through backdoor
  • Enters active poker game, and the challenge is on.

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