Saturday, March 14, 2020

Film Opening - Blog #15 - Further Delays

Great news! My team members were successfully able to complete the majority of our script while I was out and currently sick. The plan is by Monday to have a complete segment. This weekend will surely by the final days of my illness, as I'm pretty sure its just some stupid flu or cold. Thankfully it has been confirmed I'm not a "prolific case" of COVID-19.  Why are people freaking out to this degree? Everyone has their own reasons, but my god, who knows why we took all the toilet paper. While my mom was at the Publix on Friday, she had seen a lady who had an entire shopping cart stuffed to the overwhelming brim with gallons of bleach. Is the world going to die and I just don't know it?

Of course, instead of being hysterical about everything, I did my bit of research and there will always be that minority that goes flamboyant with conspiracy and irrational madness. There will always be that radical group that not only treats these events like an apocalypse but the ones who will take advantage of it from an enterprise perspective. Its perfect polarized harmony and it just wastes resources, and before you know it, its old news in two months. What a funny world we live in. It is truly beautiful chaos, and soon will I present the life of Nathan Hill on the colored screens in that fashion. It all works out for the sly criminals who don't get caught, as the world always continues to spin. G'night folks.

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