Sunday, March 15, 2020

Film Opening - Blog #16 - Quarantine

This is it; we've locked down for four days now. This is it, folks. The sun; doesn't it look so pretty outside? The bleak rays of sunlight bleeding through the slim window frame cracks. Oh lord; how I yearn to retrieve fresh air someday in this world, for the delusion of an apocalypse stains society into a panic-filled hysteria with misinformation. I ration myself with SPAM-filled containers and bottles of Dasani water because the tap still works but just as the media has frightened, it could have Corona in it!

Oh gosh! How the world is going to die in mere weeks. This is like that popular movie Contagion or World War Z, but instead of infected zombies, it is diseased humans. If only the world had Brad Pitt and overly paid child actors to save us now.

Just kidding! This break is a blessing, and the script is almost done.

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