Friday, March 20, 2020

Film Opening - Blog #17 - Further Delays

    The chaos reigns on but tonight we finally collect our work together into something usable. The whole team has had the hardest time communicating, but we're fortunate to finally be able to reach out due to the issues at hand with Corona. With the extra time granted to us by Cambridge, we are gratefully taking advantage of the additional seven days to clean up post-production in case we need it. We are vigilant students, and even though the situation we are in is taxing, their exceptions for us are not impossible or unrealistic.

    Today will be my review for the second scene of "Bad Beat", the script written by our member Alyssa Wheelock. Our original ideas for the beginning half had to be sliced off since the vigorous assault of COVID-19 has intruded where we could realistically film. Since we needed an active school campus with students around, we were stumped for quite a bit. We're going to rethink the path in how we introduce the main character, Nathan.

    Our previous concept consisted of the main characters named Nathan Hill, Rebecca Martin, and Chester Hill (Nathan's uncle). They are renamed, in the same order, as Julian, Rosa, and August. This is the first scene where Rosa is introduced, and as the first stranger begins to nag her, she puts her foot down and brings the first impressions of dominance and control to the table. She is a fierce and sharp girl; A battle-hardened, frigidity animal. Her mockery of the bit-too-bold extra is a nice sting and pokes fun at the stranger pair (Players One and Two) Even though we now understand her fighting attitude, Julian is clearly established as Rosa's teammate; She acknowledges his presence and is like the bouncer to Julian. He is quiet, yet giving the aroma of the room an uneasy hawk stare.

Tomorrow we'll discuss the basic characteristics of Julian and Rosa! Cheers folks. 

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