Friday, March 27, 2020

Film Opening - Blog #20 - Start from scratch...?

The turmoil unfolds beyond what we can perceive as the whole world falls apart. Never before have we seen a pandemic of this scale to rock the education system on this much of an international scale before. I don't care to ride the gravy train of delirious panic on CNN or other garbage like that. Cooperate news has always bothered me anyway, so now I soak up my own research or more transparent groups that actually source things. Even after all this much of a disaster, we must push on with the project.

All week our group has tried rigorously to obtain cast for the rolls in our story. Each attempt gets shot down; The whole city is on a curfew also, but no one is really allowed to leave during the day time either way. Each time we ask around the fear of catching Coronavirus is what will universally be the make or break for the parents of our friends. We have thought about taking advantage of this epidemic and think of something creative around an apocalyptic world.

Then we realized something. Every single person is probably under the same panic for reorganization or scraping old plans. Our goal is to create something entertaining and enjoyable, filled with creative content and interesting concepts that won't be so quick to thought for our fellow AICE creators. This weekend will mean the complete start from scratch brainstorming to take advantage of our situation as best as possible instead of it being something so radically stressful or inefficient.

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