Saturday, March 28, 2020

Film Opening - Blog #21 - Brainstorming

    Our days lay in infamy as our brainstorming persists, and the surge of school assignments has hit everyone like a kick in the shin. I spent all day today getting my English and History assignments done far ahead of when they're due, by weeks. I finished over 80 repetitive notecards for some vocab and wrapped up about two weeks' worth of missed Pre-Calc lessons. Thankfully my teacher granted me some full credit, or my grade would've surely taken a brutal strike far below what I want to get.

    During my session of thinking, I came across an old collection of film shorts I had done throughout my middle school years at Falcon Cove. I discovered my Film 2 short named "Heathens", and the final scene especially caught my attention. As the main detective character walks off the criminal from the police car, he introduces him to a jail yard fence and the shot fades out. But I remembered that unique traits of the location set we had picked - It was the abandoned prison off of Sheridan street near where we live. If we could investigate this area and use it as a set choice for our new short, it would bring a lot of creative possibilities for the storyline we could craft around it.

Abandoned correctional facility, full of secrets and fun adventurous if explored responsibly.

     We will discuss the main inspiration for such a location and where we decide to move the direction of our film opening in. Night folks!

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