Sunday, March 29, 2020

Film Opening - Blog #22 - Will Smith

Now, why would we want to film inside an abandoned, foreign, withered jailhouse?

(Reference photo to location. Source: Ryan Murphins @

    Will Smith started in a 2007 feature-length film named "I Am Legend", along with actors Alice Braga and Charlie Tahan. Directed by Francis Lawrence, his story followed the journey of a man surviving the odds the world threw at him (Smith). The struggle humanity fought against has left society in the vacant dust. He gets by on his own, free as a bird, alongside his pal dog in what's left of New York City. He is the only one immune to the virus that has wiped out everyone and spends his days to find a cure and bring humanity back. Neville (Smith) is their last hope for survival and is running out of time as he needs to discover the truth of whats happened and how to reverse what's already been done to the people. 

    The lonesome worlds of an apocalyptic universe seem so fitting for the current circumstances of many people out in the world quarantined in their homes. The drive that a creative and mystical universe that a set like this can create brings the excitement of an alter world to the mind. Our story will share few similarities, as we are looking to create something more driven on mystery. Our character might wake up in this labyrinth, searching for freedom and his way out of a hole. 

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