Monday, March 30, 2020

Film Opening - Blog #23 - Stuck at home/Media Usage

Being quarantined can drive anyone nuts, similar to (but not equally debilitating) solitary confinement, especially more taxing on a socially active teenager. Unfortunately, I am a prime example of one experiencing these pains. The eternally long hours feel like a lifetime but before you know it a whole week of just nothing has gone by. Its this vicious cycle of having full control over my life and getting so much productive work done such as homework, exercise, or other projects, yet then I'm caught up with my favorite Youtube channels or movies. And before you know it, it's 3am on a Sunday. This whole dilemma is a whirlwind of just sequential events. Time has become such an arbitrary concept of how we organize our days in routine, it just doesn't make any damn sense anymore. I don't even care for the clock; I work, and honestly, its either day or night, who cares.

Keeping in touch with my friends has been plenty important to me, and it works super well with family too. Facetime and Snapchat have definitely been my biggest source of traffic when I want to chat with my friend group when the only thing separating us during our mini-vacation (prior to school obviously) was the division from a disease pandemic. iTunes, Netflix, Spotify, Youtube: All the majority of media consumption when I'm on my own. I'm using Youtube to catch up with gaming channels, motorcycles, commentators, and so on. My English teacher has also applied the platform to directly communicate and explain her plans for the week, using Canvas as the proxy to the links.

FaceTime was my best way to talk to my friends, most often for hours on end and it kept me sane. I miss my friends so much, so I was glad to have them around me in the best way we could. Soon though I'll hopefully be able to see them in person, but who knows (and I doubt) if we'll go back to campus for classes anymore this year. Overall, it's just been a lot of computer surfing and video content online, some music, and two-way communication traffic. It's not so bad in the end.

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