Friday, March 6, 2020

Film Opening - Blog #10 - Big week, and soon...

    Finally, I get my weekend, and frankly, after one crazy week of Pre Calculus and my first SAT, I'm surely burned out. Frankly, I over prepared myself for that one. Twelve of my Sunday hours prior to it had been 260-ish math problems, and I over-estimated their expectations for me. Whoops. Aftershock, my high school's weekly airing television show is one of my favorite classes Cypress Bay can offer. Tuesday is the day I'm flying out to DC. Flying in a giant metal tube with wings than Man 100 years ago would've died for, all for $200. The frightening reality is this is the test of my skills in cinema and TV production. STN (Student Television Network) competitions are the big thing across the States for connections and getting out there in media for high schoolers. Despite missing so much class, I would never pass it up without a fight. Every year it proves to be an incredible adventure and peek into the lifestyles of free American individualist adults. "Go have fun, go crazy!" they say, and we do. Its some of the best content we make all year.

Group as a whole at Boeing, Nashville, TN

Left: Aracelis Partida , Right:Me, with some smoothie thing.

    I definitely will be continuing the blogs as I leave my team behind in lil' ol Florida winning trophies with my team for our school. The feedback I (hopefully) will receive back as our script and concepts continue to evolve without my home presence are vital for my writing. I'm going to depend on them for my work. I can't wait to see how the script will piece itself together. You can't have everything, but compromises are always possible! Daytime: filming and editing. Nightime: Clacking away at the keyboard and overworking, by that point, a fried noggin. Goodnight to all of you chaps, maybe tomorrow I can get an update on what the wakening blossom of our outline is. If I do, expect it sometime soon! Cheers.

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