Saturday, April 4, 2020

Film Opening - Blog #24 - Fresh Start, Back on Track!

    Alas, after hours of searching for abandoned areas across South Florida I had no luck with finding a suitable location to tread as our vacant hell hole, we started looking for other spots to place our characters in for an adventurous maze. Markham Park, Tree Tops Park, and even Vista View Park were all on lock-down, as was the rest of the country. I discovered a little street connecting both US-27 and a few turns right past my high school. There were a few points on the road where it would deviate off into gated off pathways that lead deep into a forest packed to the brim with flourishing nature. I took a leap of faith and squeezed my bike through a crack. I spent a total of three hours going airborne through the trees, rocketing off the leverages from tilted trails and soaked in all the intelligence I could gather. I collected numerous photos of the area to scout for new spots we could apply for a script.

    The script we have is finally put together and involves two teenagers running from a mysterious criminal. The wonder of exposition and execution we crafted wraps around the idea of human fear and becoming the prey under natures wrath. We were able to get our team member Emil Lowra and his girlfriend Nadya Ackermanian to play as the duo in the story, and I would be the bad guy on the bike. The script is a simplistic urn of events that have them run for their lives, or at least they try.
Sunday, April 5th, is the day of our production. The weather looks nasty from 1pm and all the way to Wednesday this week, so that morning will be our only shot to grind and film something amazing.

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