Sunday, April 5, 2020

Film Opening - Blog #25 - Shooting and Editing!

    It was six in the morning and we met up around my house at approximately eight. Emil blasted down the road in his Mustang, and I followed with my bike down to the very same spot we had searched. Alyssa was able to meet up around half an hour later since she had slept a bit. I wasn't too upset, since this was our one shot to get the filming done I wanted to take advantage of every minute we had on set. It was our only chance after all. We began the establishing shots of the area, some extra b-roll, and Emil's scenes when she arrived on set in the forest. There was no plan for a storyboard because of our lack of time. More just a printed script like the one from last post just showered in side annotations and sticky notes. I ended up being the main camera man, Alyssa was audio and gear, and we had our wonderful duo to play their rolls that they studied the night before.

    From 8:30am to around 12:11pm that afternoon, it was shot after shot of constant exhaustion, dehydration, and hunger during production. All four of us pulled through in maximum efficiency. We were able to nail what we had to get done and work our way down the script until we had the most content to work with for flexibility in post editing. The surges of creative efforts for shot compositions and locations in the area brought more character to the scene that made what someone would call a typical park trail to be an eerie foreign forest.

Finally, we got the production done smothered in the bugs and our own sweat, but we did it! We got what we needed and the next thing to knock out was some rest and flying at the computer keyboard. We have begun our editing for the short film opening "Sciolism", a horror/thriller flick about a teenage couple alone in the forest, lost, or so they though. Teaser thumbnails! :)

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