Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Music video concepts...

    When people construct their ideas for content in a video, in usually consists of different hybrid blends of storytelling techniques. The most common ones I see for music videos vary depending on trends in the genre of music, or whatever is popular in that culture. We can see videos that are fully a short narrative or story, little events happen and it's basically a short film. Others have a mix of a briefer story and making cut backs to a band performing on camera to fill in time and block out the video. Less common, but still happening, are recordings of the band only - On stage, in a studio, in public, at a party, at a concert, and so on. These last ones are almost always done by a third party and are not controlled by the band's artistic values beyond their actual performance. Basically, while in the video, don't cut it up, etc. Here are some examples.






    I'm planning on getting in touch with the band Saving Herald soon this week! I can't wait to hear what they'd like to do. The whole goal idea is that they are the artists, and Gianna and I are the pencil. We will make something amazing. Stay tuned!

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