Tuesday, February 23, 2021

They're already popular?

Gianna and I spoke with Mrs. Stoklosa this morning! Our main concern was how do we develop a social media page for the group Saving Herald if one already exists on a multitude of platforms? Then she offered some great suggestions about alternatives/solutions.

  • Developing a website
  • Publishing a Bandcamp
  • Choose another obscure platform
  • Ask to operate one of their current pages for the time being, with their consent and approval for additional content. 
Now that we have some ideas for what we can do, we need to pick. I already started creating an account for Saving Herald on Bandcamp. They do have their own website domain but when arriving, the domain goes nowhere and leaves a 404 error. Bummer. Hopefully we can ask for that instead and create a Wix for them, something of that sort. I spent the rest of the morning grabbing photos of their group from Facebook, Youtube and other establishments online. 

The next stage is to contact them and see what they'd like to do and then accommodate for that. I'll let everyone know. I'm happy to start producing a music video soon (we'll include some smoke machines for a little flavor in the video!)

Saving Herald's Youtube banner

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