Saturday, March 20, 2021

Concepts for Performance Recording / Planning Day Before

 When we set up the recording's within the abandoned building, we hope to get a large surface area to safely set up equipment and recording gear in one stationary area. 

This means most likely setting up within the main living room of the area. Their equipment will go towards the back, and we rig up the cameras on tripods to the live power setup I've described before. Of course, Gianna runs the photo camera, I'll use wide Rokinon glass, and Angelo will shoot with anamorphic. Tuesday we prep this gear, and then execute Wednesday at 1pm. Gianna lives with me now, so we'll just go grab Angelo and make the ride just over the highway to the location.

Still deciding between these two spots - lighting will probably be the best deal breaker for our choice. 

Living Room

Kitchen Area

The living room is great as far as lighting goes, as you can see the ambient light coming from the front of the house at the bottom left of the image. For the kitchen area, it's more artsy but visually much dimmer. If that's the case, how do we orient our set up in a way that looks good? We'll experiment on Wednesday, again if they even show up.

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