Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Crew and Gear

I know that when we film our performance recording out in the forest, we'll have one shot to get that perfect and beautifully. Why? Weather, time, and the shear logistical size of what this project will entail. I've created a mental map on how I'll plan on choosing gear, who to bring along, and other important aspects of set production. I'm fortunate enough to already own a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, and it was great to hear that my friend Angelo had also just obtained one for his own personal use in AICE Media Studies. Now we have two cameras that can capture the same event will little additional expenses. This is great because I was planning on renting another of my camera, including the gear necessary to run it. That alone would've been hundreds, but now the savings are spoiling us. This lets us make better investments in other things such as a clapboard, portable battery station to shoot remotely, and reflectors for lighting. 

To make sure we have a checklist of what exactly to bring, I've hired some friends from both AICE Media and our local CBTV club to run cameras and other jobs during production. I figured that $50 each for Angelo and Isa Perotti were fair for 2-3 hours of labor, transportation covered. Here's the gist. 

I personally own some Rokinon glass primes that will fit onto my Canon EF mountable Metabones speedbooster, which provides my camera not only a larger sensor size, but more flexibility more diverse lenses. Angelo's Pocket 4K will be provided with similar storage, power, and mounting arrangements, but will use either his Panasonic 25mm prime or my SLR Magic Anamorphic glass for nice curved close ups.

Gianna will take light of the scene with my Nikon camera also, and will spend the duration of filming shooting the event for the purpose of promotional material, behind the scenes content, production cataloging, and memorial pieces.

I also spent the night taking a WAV copy of Saving Herald's song "Breathe", analyzing the pacing and segmentation of the song. I'm soon going to start creating a story for the song that fits these notes. Credits we also finished and cut for the end of our young project sequence. 

  • Plan music video

    • Do some research on the concepts

      • Mental health message

      • Hybrid video, music performance + short story

      • Don’t make it edgy or over romanticized

      • Not too serious, song carries enough

      • Artsy, not on the nose with the lyrics

      • Person murdered in the end

    • Pick location to shoot

      • Wait for response from Abandoned Florida guy

      • Run it through SH, wait for response

      • Abandoned house on Shotgun Road

      • Spots by US-27

      • Everglades Holiday Park

    • Write a short story

      • Get it approved by SH

      • Madisyn is main character

      • Colorful cinematography

    • Storyboard everything

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