Friday, March 19, 2021

Delays and silence...

The last few weeks have been... difficult. When this project came about, I really wanted to take the opportunity to explore a blend of the talents between Gianna and I and the Saving Herald music group to really make something iconic and unique. Our experience with storytelling and cinematography and the punk culture in alternative music was really going to take the idea somewhere fun and productive that would produce a great video in the end. A true banger music video that would shatter the floor! 

I was probably a bit overzealous, and it's been a disappointing repeat of the attitudes people gave me from last year's final project. That production was a short film opening, which my group called "Sciolism." However, my teammates at the time contributed little to no work ethic or feedback for the duration of the project. Even after we had finished filming that, they never responded or kept in contact to work congruently on the post production editing process, and didn't request any media for their own personal blog posts. Fine, that was their problem right?

Saving Herald was a larger surprise in contrast to last year's teammates, as I knew their character already to some degree. Gianna and I wanted to focus on executing a video that matched the themes and styling that Saving Herald wanted to express and advertise with their group. What would the short story be like, the album art, what would they post on their social media, and so on. However all of this has failed and has fallen entirely on us as we've been trying to get just one word out of them for the last three weeks. As our filming days later this break inch closer and closer, this becomes more aggravating and annoying. It's hard to just get a response as half of the team is still eventually reading the messages. We need to get feedback and opinions from them. We presented our album art as discussed earlier this week, but we only got a message to change the font. Ok, any preferred? "You can check out these websites to see if you can chose one you like.", I said. Nothing. The next day, a second offering. Nothing. Are we still filming on Wednesday? Only Maxx gave a response of yes, but frankly, I'm not entirely convinced.

They have to bring their musical equipment and transport together as group. For a project of this ambition, I absolutely need more confirmation and reassurance from them, but we've been starving and empty handed. Angelo is worked with Gianna and I, in return, help him with his work, so we're a good team. He's suggesting we bail out and start the project over as a short story instead of a music video. 

This is going to be my strategy. We message them Monday, ask for confirmation. If it falls through and we record the performance, we're going to cut ties with them and create our own story and finished vinyl art of our creative choice. We can't bare any more responsibility on them than we have, as it's only made the project more cumbersome. You would think that getting a free full music video would be enough motivation to contribute to their own media and representation, but I guess not. You would think that they would say something if they cared about their music and talents, and to apply it. What could possibly be interfering with a response? Do they even care about this anymore?

 I'm holding my "breathe." Sorry, dad jokes. Habits picked up. I will be enjoying my lunch now. 

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