Tuesday, March 2, 2021

First Facetime Call with Saving Herald

I was texting Maxx quite a bit in order to pick an appropriate time to work with him, and Gianna and I eventually organized a FaceTime call to set some ground work for the project. 

We decided to work on a hybrid still music video that incorporated the band's full performance in a particular set, and the cut back and forth between that and a short narrative that's going to go by the themes and messages of the music itself.

We'll probably have to shoot sometime during spring break, as I'm traveling to Georgia for the first weekend to visit SCAD and investigate their ideas, campus, and so on. 

Most music videos I see that include some live performance of the band itself almost always have multiple cameras on set to capture in one take, to get the whole performance in one go. This saves time and definitely is a valuable technique to protect the continuity and quality of a production. I'm going to budget at most, a $1000 dollars for this project to really sell my future off, as this is the end of the line as far as high school goes. LensRental.com is an incredibly favorable site where I can grab the gear I specifically need for a set timeline. I'd like to have more than one of my Blackmagic Pocket 4k camera that I use, so I'll need to rent the camera along with a tripod, SSD system, and something usable for extended power. Research tells me this will be $400/5 days of rental. Ouchy.

I'm also going to need some extra assistants to help me produce this along with Gianna. After throwing up an advertisement for a $50 gig on my Instagram story, I've had 3-4 people come to me willing to do the work. Check mate! I already have known Angelo and Isa Perotti for quite some time, so I'm not worried. 

After talking to Saving Herald, there are some key features or ideas that they want implemented. I encouraged them to reach out to me and Gianna since this video will represent their interest, so we created a group chat for everyone on Whatsapp to stay on the same page. I'll post their ideas in the next blog. 

Now the goal is to start scripting ideas and checking back in with the team to see how they feel about it all. The goal is to have a full plan, schedule, and video ready to shoot when Spring break rolls around. After that, we'll edit! I'll keep this updated.

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