Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Ideas for the Music Video, Song Chosen

Song Chosen

Speaking with Maxx, Kenzie, Nick, and Maddie was such an amazing experience. After our 2 hours conversation, this is what was put down on paper.

Key Video Ideas 

  • Hybrid style video - Story blended in with a short narrative video
  • A message about mental health and integrity, but not share the same bland drama of other films or TV shows. A little more serious and respectful, something birthed that's more unique and modern. 
  • Not to focus on the lyrics so much, but more metaphorical, artsy, and colorful in heart. 
  • The song carries enough weight in seriousness, so the video is intended to be lighthearted, playful, but matured. Not so childish in character.
  • Maddie will play not only her main position as the lead vocalist, but the main character in the film. She might want to include puppies?
  • Make sure it doesn't follow any gruesome, romanticized, and edgy garbage like 13 Reasons Why did. 
  • A creative color scheme thats saturated in diversity, but muted and morbid.
Mentioned Roll Model Video
A video that's more charming and creative! They picked this as a good representative of their concepts.

Wallows – These Days

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