Friday, March 12, 2021

Draft One, Vinyl Art

After about two hours in Photoshop, we have blended my skills with the program along with Gianna's sketch artwork. We took that photo along a white-balanced light, then worked on fading it in using a separate layer to fade the edges of the top and bottom. This was done in order to make it more seamless, to really fuse in with the background idea we had in mind. For that, we took a gray scale layer and added in some dirt filter that was transparent in order to add more texture to the styling, to give it some feeling without it being so bland and mute. 

The biggest burden was actually finding a font that not only looked attractive for the rest of the composition, but finding one that met the theme that Saving Herald commonly presents - They're an alternative punk teen group right?

We looked for most of options on a website called, which had thousands of royalty free options for us to use. To achieve that gothic/emo look in the font, we selected their "Gothic > Various Font Section" to explore what we could use without any copyright repercussions. Website.

After many attempts to layer, mess with Blending Options, colors, and texture, this is what we finally came up with! The next tasks include making a back side version to complete it, then get it printed!
We bought some vinyl from a local Goodwill for a trial and error sort of workload. This way if we rip or ruin any of the vintage records, we have spares to mess with without losing too much time. It for sure will be a butcher project of tape and glue, but the purpose is to create a physical resembles of our project beyond the video. The record inside the pocket will be unrelated to the music and will just hold the vinyl together.

Photoshop project.

The vinyl we purchased.

Our final photoshop!

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