Thursday, March 4, 2021

Location Research

When I produced my Radio Silence short trailer project, I loved the idea of exploring urban jungles, searching for hidden treasures and secrets. Since my childhood I've had that urge for exploration and adventure, I can't help it. I loved being able to film the cloudy Sunday morning and getting a glimpse of the cellular tower tucked into the forest. That drive is just so much fun and I'm always able to get special cinematography. When I brought up this image to Saving Herald, Maxx reminded me that he had told me about this abandoned building in Miami. 

Facebook banner for Saving Herald

Unfortunately, this location has now permanently been either destroyed or blockaded. Luckily, there's a website called Abandoned Florida that features many locations that offer us some great ideas. Here are some of our top picks that we need to look into. Before any final decision is made, we definitely need to get in contact with the appropriate county and get some kind of filming permit or wavering from police to enter these areas, as we don't want to trespass and get arrested. (Because that's no fun) I've learned this lesson after Federal police stopped me from entering the Everglades. Whoops. He let us go, we were just trying to film and we didn't release it was after hours. Not going to make the same mistake again. This project isn't commercial in any way, so I'm going to try and find an alterative to the commercial filming permit. I'll ask my friend Lucca about what he's done

Abandoned Florida

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