Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Setting the foundations for production!

 Now that our group chat together is open and more frequently engaging, I'm organizing a Google Document that covers virtually everything we need to figure out. Props, sets, location scouting, equipment, whos to hire, what to rent or purchase, has it shipped yet, and so on. It also contains our calendar that's blocking out what exactly the schedule will be.

Gianna's planning on getting in touch with Madisyn this week to create the vinyl art that I'll then have printed and laminated. Something about that art style, both me and Mrs. Stoklosa find charming and fitting for the Saving Herald theme. These photos will be our primary choices for what our art will replicate and take inspiration from. 

This is the general idea for our plans.

I reached out to the guy who runs Abandoned Florida to get some help finding really neat locations. But the lack of responses tells me that I'll most likely depend on a backup choice of filming, but I have some perfect ideas for that! There is great forestry out by US-27. That's where I went to go film Sciolism, and I remember how much I loved the nature of that area. 

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