Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The final edit + Twitter Updates

 So much has been happening the last few days, but I have great news! We came to the conclusion that adding extra cinematography to our video wouldn't make sense for this style of song, so after taking Stoklosa's advice, and analyzing our own edit further, we decided to keep it as it. We then took the footage we already had and heavily cleaned it up. The primary goal was to keep the footage flowing and moving nicely so that clips wouldn't drag on for too long, to create a fully engaging video. 

We were happy with what we created, and scheduled it to go public on YouTube this Friday at 3pm! We also scheduled many posts for the Twitter account leading up to the video's release later this week.

I signed onto the Twitter account and organized 4 postings for this week.

  • Tuesday (today) - Behind the scenes clip #1, notice of video release time
  • Wednesday - Behind the scenes clip #2
  • Thursday - 10 second teaser of the edit, announcement that the video releases the next day
  • Friday - Embedded link for the final full YouTube video at 3pm, and the vinyl pictures will post a little earlier at 2pm

Scheduled posts!

The twitter is scheduled, the posts are done, the video is up, last goal is to complete our CR review and get some feedback on that. Cheers!

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