Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Components of the Project

Hello viewer!

Gianna Ubiera, and I, Dean Milan, are pleased to present the finale of our Music Promotion package, which was Option 1 of 4 for our AICE Media Studies A level Portfolio project. Here contains all the components of the music video, social media page, and other content we created for this project.

Saving Herald is a local rock band composed of students from our own high school, Cypress Bay High, and we had the opportunity to work together to create this music video. Their styling of a new age of indie rock and alternative music gave us an open door for ideas. We went the extra mile to see what we could do, and it came out with a bang. We hope you enjoy, and thank you for reading. 

This marks the end of my high school adventures. 

Goodbye, Dean Milan signing off. 

 Music Video (including behind the scenes clips)

Official Social Media Page for Saving Herald (contains minor task of digipak, per release) 

Other links

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