Friday, February 19, 2021

First contact with Saving Herald.

I've messaged the group, more specifically, the leader in particular. Maxx Nunn has been a mutual friend of mine since the beginning of our Geometry class during freshman year. A serious goofball, he loves what he does and so do I. I didn't break any sweats about whether he wanted to participate or not. 

My particular assumptions about his enthusiasm were completely confirmed! If anything he's happier about it than I am because of all the fun we'll have with it. A whole music video production from yours truly, a quality production value that will be a great highlight for both him and I. We've done projects in the past where I join his local events around Broward and capture the shows for him, and he gets a copy. It's been mini-concerts, birthday parties and so on. 

His band, Saving Herald, is such a fantastic and talented group. Their music follows a very punk alternative taste in music, so I want to make sure I can work with him to properly brand and produce a video with him to showcase one of his newest and most famous songs, "Lady in Waiting." They've been together since mid-2018 and take inspiration from blink-182, Led Zeppelin, and Rex Orange County. The plan now is head to the drawing boards Monday and keep a consistent contact with them about our ideas, sketch a music video and do our homework on their group. I'll keep you folks updated. 

Saving Herald on their Facebook profile.
Left to right. Mackenzie Fortino (drummer), Madisyn Racine (vocalist), Nic Lawdan (guitarist), and Maxx Nunn (bassist).

Saving Herald Channel

Their Instagram

My recording of their September 2019 event in Sunrise, FL.

"Breathe" by Saving Herald

"Lady in Waiting" by Saving Herald

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