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JADA TOY Chevy Car Commercial [4K HDR] #diecast #jadatoys

JADA TOY Chevy Car Commercial [4K HDR] #diecast #jadatoys

JADA Toy commercial, 1967 Chevy Corvette Stingray 15sec ad Film Class 424, Prof. Thelin Voiceover credit: "I will narrate a deep gritty american male voiceover" Tom Gallagher aka voiceovermanllc on FIVERR Technical stuff I used for this, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Rokinon Cine DS Primes Titon 90 Battery Metabones Canon EF-MFT Ultra Speedbooster Nanlite PavoTube II 6c 2 Light Kit (with Case) HDR Project: Davinci Resolve 18 → Project Settings → Color Management Color science: DaVinci YRGB Color Managed Automatic color management → CHECKED YES Color processing mode: HDR Output color space: HDR HLG HDR mastering, CHECKED YES, 1000nits Enable HDR10+ is CHECKED YES HDR Exporting: Single Clip Format: Quicktime Codec: H.265 Hardware accel. if available Export and Embed HDR10 Metadata are both CHECKED YES Resolution and frame rate up to you (4096x2160 DCI @ 23.976fps) Quality: restrict to 85000 Kb/s Encoding profile: Main10 Key Frames: Every 1 frames ADVANCED settings Data Levels: Full (ALWAYS MAKE SURE OF THIS) Color space and gamma tag, same as project Force sizing and debayering to highest quality, both CHECKED YES Audio: AAC 320Kbps, 48000 sample rate 4k 15 second video, took 4-6 hours to become HDR on Youtube. Music and Foley: "The Mind Sweepers" by Laid Back ( 1968 Corvette Sting Ray cold start 434359__csengeri__close-lightning-strike-2018-07-07 315918__bevibeldesign__electric-zap Leave any comments or questions down below or message me personally! I love to take in new input.


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